Betsy's Bits

March 22, 2015

In Case You Missed It:

A huge SHOUT OUT goes to the our Nejla deLambert, Jessica Cole, Shannon Johnson, Eighth Grade, and Elective/PE Teams for ensuring our Stallions got signed up for high school classes this week at Southern Lee. It took everyone working together to make this mammoth task go off without a hitch.

Another SHOUT OUT goes to Shannon Johnson for delivering and hooking up all the desktops and Chomeboxes this week and coordinating the efforts for our TV to be moved, hooked up, and new power run in our front office. The tech at SLHS (because Shannon asked) allowed us to borrow and replace a cord we needed to make everything work.

Rachel Baker and Madison Sharpe, former SLMS students and currently SLHS seniors in FFA, have reached out to me to ask to work on Larod's garden as a service project. Of course I said, "YES!" For those of you that do not know, Larod was one of our students that was killed in a drive by shooting the summer before he went to Southern Lee. He was an active student athlete loved by many at SanLee. His retired football jersey and picture remain in our trophy case. The garden with memory bench was developed outside of the 6th grade hallway doors the fall after his death. This year his class graduates and wants to give back. Their plan is to sell raffle tickets to the prom to raise money. Profits will go towards enhancements in his garden. All of this is supposed to take place by the end of the school year.

Robin Neville deserves a Stallion SHOUT OUT for her work and time on the All County Band this weekend. She and the secondary band and orchestra teachers put together a tremendous opportunity for our students to collaborate and learn from each other under the conductors Janice Swoops and Alex Alberti Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.

Many THANKS and a SHOUT OUT goes to those that helped with the Sweet 16 movie night Friday. Our children love having a chance to spend time with each other outside of the classroom. And it takes a village to make that happen.

Our first 5th grade tour was a success on Friday. The Ingram and Tramway students coming to SanLee in the fall enjoyed getting to know more about their new school. Our Student Ambassadors did an amazing job introducing Stallion Style expectations and procedures to the "new kids on the block". Robin Neville's 8th grade students performed to demonstrate the mired of opportunities available to our children. We will do it again next Friday with our group coming to us from Edwards.

Mark Hildreth has complete his ACCESS testing!! Natalie coded and boxed everything up and turned it into the Accountability office at Central Office this week. We also have a new addtition to Mark's team. Paola De Avila began this week as Mark's teacher's assistant. She will be with us all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at Southern Lee on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please make sure to reach out to her and help her feel welcome. If you are scheduling a meeting which needs a translator, please try to do this on the days Paola will be here. It is awesome to have a full ESL team to meet the needs of our children.

Thank you all for supporting AVID and Shane Long's Pennies for Patients push last week. I have not heard where we are with the collection, but know the word is out and this worthy cause is being supported by The Stallion Nation. Collections end this week.

The BIG PUSH for Backpack Pals will be this week. All donations should be in by Wednesday. PLEASE help our children and get those that can help excited to help.

Sgt. Scott Mauldin and Hector will no longer be with us at SanLee. We all appreciate their hard work and dedication to The Stallion Nation and wish them all the best in their futures. Please DO NOT say anything or ask any questions to his boys which attend SLMS. At this time I do not know who will be the permanent replacement. Sgt. William Bayer was covering last week. As soon as I know more, I will let you all know.

Countdown to Spring Break!

Coming Up!

Monday: AVID Site Team Meeting @ 3:00pm in PLC room, home games vs. Harnett Central

Tuesday: FFA field trip to NC State, AIG Site Team meeting@ 3:00 in Knuth's room

Wednesday: 8th grade science teachers eScience training in PLC 8-3, Fit Fest @ SLHS all day,

Thursday: Kish, Caldwell, Kincaid & Wymer, Pienaar, Quiggle homerooms tour SLHS, First Boys Night 5:30-7:30pm,

Friday: Stuart, Williams, Newby & Knuth, Willaert tour SLHS and Future LCHS student tour, J Glenn Edwards students tour SLMS

Eric Jensen Book Study

Don't forget that the book studies are supposed to be completed by April. Sixth grade is having a lunch and discussion during their planning on Monday. Everyone was to have their books completed, bring a covered dish, and join the team for food, fellowship and discussion. This is a wonderful idea, and I can't wait to hear how it goes. Grade level and department chairs, please let me know before Friday the plans for your teams to finish the books and discuss as a group leanings and next steps for the classroom/school.