Tropical rainforest

By Marli ann taubert

Layers of the rainforest

There are 4 basic levels in the rainforest.

1. At the bottom is the forest floor, where some types of insects make their home.

The largest animals also live in this area.

2. Above the ground but below the leaves is the understory.

The understory is dark and cool.

3. The forest canopy is the upper part of the trees.

Insects, birds, reptiles and mammals all live in the canopy.

4. Finally, emergents are very tall trees that are high above the forest canopy.

Many birds and insects live in this area.


  • Bearded pig
  • Brazilian tapir
  • Capybara
  • Chimpanzee
  • Common tree shrew
  • Crested guan
  • Flying dragon
  • Gorilla
  • Orangutan
  • Slow loris
  • Vine snake
  • Indian cobra

Simply put, rain forests are the Earths lungs. Through photosynthesis, they pull carbon out

of the atmosphere and transform it into life giving oxygen while at the same time helping recycle and clean our water supplies. Rain forests also keep our planet cool by combating

the effects of the greenhouse effect.

Rain forests receive more than 78 inches of rainfall a year and have temperatures that never reach freezing. During 1950, almost 15 percent of the earth was covered by the rainforest.Today less than 5 percent of the earth is covered by the rainforest. Rainforests were destroyed by smoke. The Rainforests are being destroyed each and every year.
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Exploring Life within the Layers of the Rainforest
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