Jackson means trouble!

He is not the common man!

President Jackson is no hero. He is a zero!

Jackson was no common man, In fact he died living in a mansion and owned over 150 slaves! He abused all the power he was given, taxed poor people and treated the indians as if they weren't real people. You call that the common man? I certainly don't!

Trail of tears

He pushed Native Americans off their own land! He ignored the supreme court and the constitution in which it stated that the cherokees were their own people and they should be left alone! He used force to have the native Americans to leave there own homes so that white settlers could take their land for farming and search for gold. Many Indians died in the process of moving off their land and suffered from disease and weather hardships. This is why it is called the trail of tears.

The tariff of 1832

Jackson forced South Carolina to pay a tariff that only helped the northerners. South Carolina threatened to secede if he made them pay it. He threatened to use force if they refused to. They finally came to a compromise that they would pay it if he lowered the price.

He vetoed too many bills!

President Jackson reserved the right to veto bills as president, but he vetoed to many! He overused his power and that was not good for the U.S. It didn't matter if it was good for the country or not, he only did it for his benefit!

King Andrew Jackson (cartoon)

He is portrayed as a king in this picture because he abused his power and thought he was above the law. He ignored the supreme court which is why the constitution is ripped up under his feet. (picture retrieved at: http://www.humanitiesweb.org/spa/hri/ID/310/key/357 )

Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency