What's Up @ Skaggs

Jan 4-8 Happy New Year!

Thank Yous and Celebrations

  • Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year 2016, Kyla Ahnemann! Your team worked hard to keep it a secret!
  • Thank you to Nicole for organizing the iCode project this week. She gave teachers extra time they would not have had otherwise during this busy time of year and the kids had a blast!
  • Thanks to Jackie and Erin for a fun assembly. Thanks to Chantelle for the fabulous sing along. Also I know there were a lot of other helpers involved!!!
  • Thanks to PTA for a fabulous lunch!
  • Nicki and Erin did a terrific job planning the holiday party.
  • Thanks to 2nd grade for the invite to the Health Fair!

Star Parking

Martha-for hosting a fabulous Holiday Party!!!!

Important Dates

12/19-1/3-NO SCHOOL!

1/4-Teachers Return to School @ 8:00 AM

1/5-Students Return to School

1/7-CMIT-Plan for 2nd Semester


  • We will meet in the library on 1/4 @ 8:30 for training. We should be done by 9:30 or 10:00 then the rest of the day is yours to work in your room!
  • You may wear VERY comfy clothes on 1/4!
  • When students return on 1/5 it is back to basics. They will need to practice procedures and restart relationships!
  • Tutoring starts Jan 12th! Please have a plan before then!

Skaggs Strategy of the Week-Thanks Beth-Recharge Everyone!!!

Today's Terrific Tweet-Alyson Zembower-TL Meeting

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