The Alex Rider Series

by Anthony Horowitz

Alex Rider

The name of the series is Alex Rider. The author of the series is Anthony Horowitz. The genres of the series and in every one of the books are Adventure Fiction and Spy Fiction. The main character is Alex Rider who is a teenage spy recruited by the MI6 or the British Intelligence. Alex was told that his parents died in a plane crash so he went over to Chelsea to live with his Uncle. The main problem in the series is Alex trying to find out what really happened to his parents. Some details on the action is that Alex is trying to get out of Africa which he was smuggled into(This is in book 8). My favorite part of this series is that it seems like Alex is unstoppable when it comes to spying. I recommend this book to everyone that loves a lot of action! Every single book ending always make you want to read the next book and the next. Will Alex be able to solve the problem?


"New York times best seller"


"Full of action and intense Scenes!"


"Impossible to resist!!" - Booklist

This is the author of the books/Anthony Horowitz.

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