mrs.cannada 5th grade 2015

MY STRENGTHS and my weaknesses

My strengths are math and reading.These are my strengths because i learn quick with this subject.

My weaknesses are social study's and science. These are my weaknesses because it is harder to learn.

Goals for this year

My language arts goal is to get all A's. i will work on this by not thinking too hard about it

My social studies goal is to think about SS of today's point of view.i will work on this by reading my SS book.

My science goal is to to making a experiment for understanding.i will work on this by using the 8 steps scientific method.

My math goal is to be the best math solver in the class room. i will work on this by practice.


My personal goal for this year is to have perfect attendance. i will work on this goal by showing up to school prepared.

Another personal goal i have is to earn my light every day and to reach this goal i will be on my best behavior


one person who can help me reach these goals is Mrs. Richards . Mrs. Richards can help me because i have trouble with my SS.


something that can distract me from reaching these goals is talking in the hall way.one way i can keep from talking from distracting me is be quite when i am suspost to.