That Was Then, This Is Now


The everlasting friendship

When two people who are completely different can forge a friendship without effort, that shows true brotherly bondage between those two people. This is especially true when concerning Bryon and Mark. The author shows the bond they share all throughout the book, like when Mark helped Bryon out by paying Charlie back all the money Bryon owed him for ordering Cokes. He showed how much he cared for his best friend by being there to talk to him while Bryon was drunk and emotional one night.

Poem on friendship:

This poem talks about how the fights that even the best of friends go through aren't worth all the trouble that they appear to show. This relates to Mark and Bryon's bond since the rough times they go through that are against each other. However, they always manage to remind one another that they are best friends for a good reason: to help one another up if one of them falls. This poem describes the two perfectly because they have always been there for each other and even the simplest fights they have can never tear their bond apart.

Good tips on how to be a good friend:

When good friendships go bad

While Bryon and Mark's friendship was sure to last, one event can mean the difference between love and hate. When Bryon discovered that Mark was selling pills illegally, he confronted him to the cops which lead to him ending up in putting Mark in jail. This is when their friendship shatters faster that a glass dropped 3 feet off the floor. The trust that Mark has lost in Bryon made Mark feel like their friendship was never meant to be real, regardless how Bryon felt. The lesson to be learned is that even the best of friendships can either last or die out, and the choices made can mean the difference between which will occur.

Facts about friendship:

>A true friend won't ask you to compromise your principles in the name of your friendship or anything else. Ever.

>Being dependable is one of the most important aspects of being a good friend. Nobody likes a fake, and nobody wants one for a close friend.