The Black Death

By: Kristen Reynolds

What is the Black Death?

The Black Death was from 1347 to 1351. A time were a lot of rats a fleas take over. The rats carried the disease then the fleas got it, and when the fleas would bite the victim ( humans) the victims had the disease. Soon the Black Death spread across most of Asia and parts of Europe. Eventually when you had the disease you eventually died, so with that over 1.5 million people died of the disease.

Symptoms of the black death:

some of the symptoms were swelling, bumps on the neck, armpits,and legs, throwing up, bleeding, and then you eventually die.

Some pictures:

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Medical treatments and the effect of The Black Death.

The medical treatment the victims received wasn't very good because the people back then didn't have all the medicen we have today to cure the disease. The effect of the Black Death was really bad a lot of people died and they couldn't treat it because they didn't have the type of matrial we have today.


Overall the Black Death was really bad.