Juan Peron

Military officer and politition

What are some positive changes or rights Juan Peron gave to the people of Argentina?


Born in October 1895, Juan Peron graduated national military college at age 16, excelling in the studies of boxing and fencing. He taught military history and taught soldiers how to ski. He traveled South America and Europe to observe developement. After his military days ended, he got into politics and joined a secret military group to overthrow the civilian government. He was elected president of Argentina 3 times. A praised political part called the Peronists were started after him. After his presidency he was outlawed, but then came back for a third term after the Peronists brought him back. He served for a total of 10 years (1946-1952, 1952-1955, 1973-1974).He was a dictator that took away many basic rights from the citizens of Argentina, but also gave others basic rights that award him with supporters.
Juan Peron 1951
This video talks about the intense support Peron had from his supporter. Almost 500,000 workers protested in Buenos Aires demanding him to be taken out of jail. He nationalized businesses, gave women the right to vote, and instituted many public works programs. However, opposition was not tolerated which resulted in his severe rule.

Speech to peronists

I support every peronist in our organization. From peronist to peronist, there is no stranger. There is no social justice without the economic independence we bring Argentina! The only truth is reality. Us peronists bring reform to this civilian government. Unity gives us strength!