In your time of loss, you can depend on us for a high degree of dignity and care for your deceased loved ones. We at Eternal Rest Funeral Home understand what you are going through and we strive to make sure we deliver the best possible memorial service by placing the highest form of dignity and care to your deceased loved one.

Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return. They will enter Jerusalem singing, crowned with everlasting joy. Sorrow and mourning will disappear, and they will be filled with joy and gladness.” Isaiah 51:11

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If you received a phone call late at night, phone call with news of an unexpected death or shared your loved one’s final moments of a long illness, your normal reaction to the death will always be shock. It doesn’t matter how prepared we are, or aren’t, a loved one’s death often leaves us feeling numb and bewildered. If you are the one who is responsible for making the funeral arrangements, shock and grief can be immobilizing. Even a simple decision can be overwhelming. (A death has occurred. n,d)


The last thing you may want to do if you have lost a loved one is to start planning their funeral. But, if you want to give your loved one the kind of funeral and burial service they deserve than you should be careful when you start planning for a funeral.

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Individual challenges


What to do here depends on the circumstances of the death. If the death occurred in a hospital or any care facility, the staff will usually take care of some arrangements. You will need to notify family, friends and clergy. It will be better for you to call some relatives and ask them to make a phone call or two to specific people, so the burden of spreading the news isn’t all on you.


One of your first calls should be to a licensed funeral director. Like us, we here to help you transport the body, obtain a death certificate, select a casket and/or grave marker, select urn, arrange the funeral, prepare the obituary, notify the deceased’s employer, attorney insurance company and banks. Offer grief support and/or direct you to other resources.


Check the deceased’s paperwork for the life policy. Call the agent and ask how to file a claim. Always remember to ask about payment options. Because, you may have a choice between receiving a lump sum or having the insurance company place the money in an interest bearing account from which you can write checks. (A death has occurred. n,d)

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Family challenges

Since you need to meet with a funeral home to begin the final arrangements, it will be difficult time for you and your loved ones. In this situation, you have to decide who will make the decisions. Because deciding on your loved ones final goodbye will be challenging but at the same time not impossible. Our funeral home will help you and your family in providing the answers to questions you may have. Also, we will help you understand what is involved in planning a funeral. Since it is a hard time, you will need to think who will be making the decisions? is it you? or someone else from the family who will be with you at the funeral home?

Another important thing, you should think who else is involved in the arraignments? Like, does the deceased have children, friends that would like to be part of arranging the funeral? And do you know how the deceased felt about funerals or what their final wishes were?

Only you and your loved ones know the deceased best and your funeral home will work with you to help in celebrating a life lived. (Ropchan. n,d)

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Cultural Factors

Cultural factor can affect a family's decisions about funeral planning. Whether Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or any other spiritual background, we are happy to work with you to carry out your loved one's wishes for his/her funeral services. Some religious funeral traditions dictate that services be held as soon as possible after loved one's passing. There may be a need for a purification ceremony or prayer service as well as watching over the deceased remains. Other cultural traditions requires specific ritual chanting, singing of particular songs, praying, music, readings, burning incense or lighting candles. We are happy to work with you to make your wishes reality. (Bolts, 2013)
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Economical challanges

Our goal is to provide you and your loved ones with a high degree of dignity and care for your deceased loved ones. We understand that funeral may cost a fortune. That's why in our funeral home we help the grieving family in any means we can. We provide a reasonably priced goods and services. It is common for funeral homes to markup the cost of their goods by 400%, these markups can add thousands of dollars to your bill, but in our funeral home we don't markup the cost that much not even close. The death of a loved one is one of the most stressful situations any of us will ever encounter, and for that we are willing to negotiate to help reduce the price for you.

Which type of services will help you and your loved ones heal?

You have to decide if you want your loved one to be buried, if you decided to have your loved ones buried, you will need to decide if you want to have a viewing with the body present and if you want this viewing to be public or private.

If you choose to have your loved ones cremated, you can still have the body present for viewing before the cremation. For more information on Burial cremation, click here

Some people choose a fast service "Cremation" with little time for remembering a life lived. Having a funeral service with time to say goodbye and proper measures in place to ensure that your loved one is remembered now and in the future.

For more information on Cremation options. Click here.

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