From Under The Sea To The Arctic

By Jasmine T, Sharon P, Vivian C, and Anna Z

Do you know why killer whales, sea otters, red pandas, and polar bears are endangered?

Red Pandas by ZhAnn2

It looks like a cute and fuzzy animal. But it's much more than than. Go to this poster to learn more about this adorable animal:

Sea Otters by PaSha2

Most people think they already know about the sea otter. But do they? Read this poster to see if you test your knowledge about it:

Polar Bears by ChViv2

This adorable little creature is always thought of as a fierce predator. All the people that think that are right but there's more to it than they know. This poster has all the info you need:

Killer Whales by TrJas2

Last but not least, we have killer whales. Killer Whales are thought to be dangerous man-eating creatures that roam in the ocean. Even though they may seem dangerous, they're not. Learn how in this poster: