By:Matthew Carpenter

Name, and grade

My name is Matthew. I'm in 7th grade.

About me

I absolutely love swimming, I can swim fast slow deep or high.
I love playing in the woods because its peaceful with no one else and I can just sit down and relax. I love running and I'm thinking of trying out for cross country next year.

Family and pets

I have my mom and dad, then I have 2 sisters named Kate and Jenna. I also have 2 other brothers James and Scott. I also have a dog and a cat.

Hobbies activities and clubs

I like to run and I'm hoping to be in cross country next year. Another hobby I have is hunting, I like to go and hunt ducks because its calm you can talk and hang out then when you see the ducks you really hunt. I also love to ride me bike everywhere, to the store around town around my neighborhood anywhere I can I'm riding.

Awards and accomplishments

All through elementary school I got honor roll. I was also in lots of extra curricular stuff, I was in stride, battle of the books, math Olympiad,AIG.

Goals ambitions and career choices

I am hoping to participate or complete a 5k run in the next year.My career choice is a deep sea diver because to me water is very comforting and when I'm just sitting at the bottom of a lake or pool its very peaceful, quiet and dark.


I was a fox in the survey.This means that I'm a collaborator. This means that when I'm in conflict I try to resolve it but if necessary I take action and fight.

Micro conflict poem


very defensive, nice, quick to judge helpful

who loves pizza, friends, and candy

who hates snakes, rats, spiders

who is happy when I run, I swim, and I climb

who is sad when I get yelled at, I am left out, and when people gossip about me

who gets excited about trips, going home at the end of the day

who gets angry about people who talk during class, and bugs

who feels safe when I have defenses on myself, and when i have someone by my side

who fears snake, and spiders