Ring Around The Rosie

By: Elliott Schultz and Ryan Everett

What Is The Cause Of The Bubonic Plague?

Caused by baccilus called Yersina Pestis

How is the Disease Spread?

It can be spread from person to person, travel through the air, or through a bite from an infected flea or rat.

What are the symptoms?

Swelling in the groin and armpits that contain blood and pus. The victims could have a fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, terrible aches and pains, and then death.


They are treated with antibiotics and respiratory support.


Avoid sick or dead animals, avoid rodents and fleas, and keep distance from people who are infected.

Fun Facts

  1. Also called the "Great Mortality" or "The Pestilence"
  2. Jews were accused of creating the plague to destroy Christians
  3. Of 140 Dominican brothers in Montpelier, only seven survived the plague
  4. It continues to survive in the modern world
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