Grade 3 Spelling Bee

Join us Friday for a fun, competitive experience!

Join Grade 3 in a fun spelling competition!

Because our students are doing extraordinarily well in vocabulary, we have decided to hold a spelling competition. All parents are allowed to watch.

On Friday at 2:30

The spelling bee will be held at Creighton Elementary at 2:30 on Friday, April 21st. Once the students are done, there will be a pizza party held for said students.

Prizes are:

We hope to see you there to support your children!


Q: Where will this be held?

A: Creighton Elementary in the big gym.

Q: What if my child doesn't place?

A: At the end, there will be a pizza party for the children for their hard work.

Q: Who are you?

A: The teacher for 3rd grade, Miss Tiana Schollmeyer.

Q. Consolation prizes for the other kids?

A: A lone jelly bean and a pizza party. Sounds heavenly.

Spelling friends!