The Authors Point of View

Ashley Headrick


Determine an author's point of view or purpose in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text.

What is the Purpose?

-To Inform

-To Persuade

-To Entertain

All authors have a purpose weather it be a song, movie, book, and/or article. Some texts will have more than one purpose. The following video will explain how the purpose is conveyed in a text. Take notes (pausing the video when needed), so you are able to find the purpose of a text on your own.

Please watch this video explaining the standard above. Take Notes in Your Journal!

Author's Purpose and Point of View


Watch these three different video. Some of the videos will be music videos, and some will be actual movie/T.V. clips. You may watch each video more than once. Try and figure out the author's purpose/purposes as well as how it is conveyed. Explain using the words, rhythm, and images each video shows. You will insert your answers in a well written paragraph on the class google doc. You can get to the google doc by clicking "CLASS GOOGLE DOC" above.

Music Video

Feel free to google the lyrics if it will help you. Really pay attention to the actors and the words here.
Toby Keith - American Soldier


This is a clip from the movie Titanic. What do you think the author/directors purpose was in making this movie?
Titanic and the Seconds Before Hitting the Iceberg


Think about how this commercial makes you feel.
ASPCA comercial

Don't Forget the GOOGLE DOC

Please go to the google doc and share what you thought the purpose of each video was. Remember there can be more than one purpose. Use evidence from the videos to explain. It is okay if you and another person disagrees. Once you have made your post read other peer's responses. You need to comment on at least three people's posts (1 from each video clip).