"Where I Stand"

By: Cassandra Segreto-Barbieri

Improving the snow removal

In Toronto some people are upset and concerned about the snow removal in our area. There are streets that have their snow shoveled in hours after a storm, but then there are other streets like the quieter ones that don't have the snow shoveled until many days after the storm. Another concern that i have about snow removal is the fact that when they plow the snow they push some of it to the bottom of the driveways and cause the person living there to shovel more snow by hand.

Frequently asked qustions with answers

1. Who determines which streets get plowed first?

The City will clean the roads and streets based on the primary roads would go first like the main intersections and the highways. They will do the little quiet streets if your lucky last because that's not there priority.
2. Can plows minimize the amount of snow left at the bottom of my driveway?

The priority of our work crew is clearing the part where people and cars travel most, which is the road. The only place to move the snow is the end of the driveway, so as a result the snow is left at the bottom of the driveway.

3. Why do i never see a salt truck when it storms?

If you do not live near or on a primary street the salt trucks will come later on after they do the main roads and intersections.
5. I only have on street parking. Why do you always plow snow onto my car?

The crews job is to clear everything on the streets and roads and they just throw the snow anywhere but the streets and where people are the most.

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Road Maintenance

There is a major concern about our roads and our road maintenance. There are a lot of pot holes everywhere, which cause cars to have a flat tire or they could possibly get stuck in the hole. Another concern is when it snows and there is layers of ice underneath that is not visible cars start to slide on roads and there are no salt trucks salting the roads. This could sometimes cause accidents because people don't have control on their cars. Also there is a big problem with the amount of construction that's been going on and this cause traffic because they either block off a lane or they are adding one in whatever the case may be it is cause more traffic which is not good for the people who have to be somewhere at a certain hour.

Video about road maintenance


Public transit could be very useful, but if you don know what time certain buses arrive at your stop then they aren't that useful. Sometimes it is annoying if the buss schedule says it will arrive at 7:28, but it decides to arrive at 7:35. This isn't good because people have to be at work or school. One concern lots of people are talking about is the LRT. The people in charge of this stuff are trying to create more streetcars downtown, so instead of continuing the subway underground they are going to start building above ground. Streetcars are a good idea but they cause more traffic because they stop every few seconds and subways are way more efficient. Subways carry more people, where streetcars can only carry so many people. Then you have you school buses that pick kids up and drop them off at school. Near my school there are about 2 buses that do the morning drop off and come back to pick the kids up after school. One concern with the school buses is safety. There are no seat belts in the buses, but in a car or truck its a law that you have to wear them, so whats so different in a bus. If you get into an accident you get into an accident. So kids are riding this bus that may not be as safe as people say it is.