Fourth Grade Newsletter

Issue 3, November 1st

Notes from the Teachers

Our school year is in full swing, and we're staying busy in the classroom! Here is what we are currently learning:

Math: Estimating and determining sums, differences, products and quotients, fact fluency through 12, creating and solving single and multi-step problems

Language Arts: Problem and solution, drawing conclusions, writing cohesively for a variety of purposes

Virginia Studies: Jamestown, life in colonial Virginia

We are so excited to officially have Ms. Edwards on our Fourth Grade team. She is working in Ms. Commander's classroom this fall!

Upcoming Events

November 5th - 2 hour early dismissal, parent teacher conferences

November 6th - No school, parent teacher conferences

November 7th - PTA meeting, 5:15 p.m.

November 12th - Report cards sent home

November 13th - Blue Sky Fund field trip

November 19th - School Thanksgiving dinner

November 21st - 23d - Thanksgiving holiday

Mark your Calendar!

Thanksgiving Dinner will be held on Monday November 19th from 6-8 p.m. Forms went home in Tuesday Folders - be sure to mark this event on your calendar and return the form to reserve your tickets!

Ways to Help your Child at Home

Practice multiplication and division facts through 12

Have your child teach you what he or she is learning in Math

Have your child read to you for 15-20 minutes every night

Ask your child what he or she learned in Virginia Studies