surviving in the Canadian wild

These are some ways to survive in the wild

1. The first thing you need to know about surviving in the Canadian wilderness is where and how to purify water you can do this by starting a fire a nd look for a pot or something and put it over the fire and boil it for about 5 to 10 minutes .

2. The second thing you need to know is how to start a fire you can do this by the hand drill all you have to do is get a stick and try to find s ome string and wrap it around the stick and break some bark off of a tree and drill the stick with your hand and it should start to smoke and eventually it will flame and you need something like pine straw to keep it going

3. The third thing you need to know is how to find food you can do this by maybe finding fish and plants there are some plants that can help cure water you can make a bow and arrow you can do this by choosing a long piece of stick and curve it then you want to shape it to fit your hand and fit to add the string then you can find anything like ordinary twine and fishing line cotton or silk from cater pillars and more and u make the arrow by getting a stick and making it small and sharpen ii .

4. the fourth thing you need to know about surviving in the Canadian wilderness is how to build a shelter here are the six steps first you need to find a suitable place to build it then look for something to post it up against then find small debris like sticks grass bushes dig a pot fire .

5. Now you need make a survival kit you need to include . Gauze,triangular bandages, safety pins , scissors, tweezers , and rash cream

6. the sixth thing is naturalist skills you need to know how to teach your new skills and learning how to read animal tracks you need to learn to enhance your skills you need to learn things that will help you survive in the wilderness you should know how to make medicines and make bandages from the wilderness .

7. Another thing you need to know is navigation you can do this by bringing along a compus or you could look on the trees and you see moss on one side and the side with the moss is the way you should go . Another way is to dig a hole and put a leaf in it and it should point to the way that you should go .

8. you should know what you are preparing for it is very dangerous there are snakes bears and much more harmful animals u can protect your self by bringing along a machete for safety and chopping trees for your shelter and to find food .

9. you should know to prepare for the weather because it could rain at any time you should make a rain catcher with a pot for water . always prepare for the cold always have a fire going to keep warm and to keep bugs away .

10. last you really need to have hunting skills so that you can catch,trap, or shoot your food you need to know how to clean and cook your food and you need to learn how to blend in with the woods .