Christians are monotheistic. Monotheistic means believing in one god. Their holy land is Jerusalem. Christianity is the way of their life.


Jesus is the name of the god that Christians believe in. He was born in Jerusalem and that's why its Christians holy city. He dead for the Christians to live. He also is watching down on you making sure you obey his commandments and treat others with respect.

10 commandments

A set of rules that need to be followed. If one was broken it would be considered a sin. The only way to get rid of your sins is to confess to god and pray to him.


Christians believe in heaven. Heaven is a place you go after you pass a way. Jesus is known to be there. Heaven is a peaceful place it has everything you could desire. there is also a Hell. Hell is a place where you go after you pass and you have been constantly sinning and disobey the ten commandment.