Even in small groups there is government

How oligarchy works

A small group of rich men or women who take control of the land either elected, born through bloodline or rich enough to rule the land. The group will meet a couple times a week to make important decisions. Normally treated their people poorly and that made them all poor.

Would I like to live in this government

I would only like to live in it if I was one of the rich people in the government because your rich and you can get anything you want almost. I would not like to be one of the people because the people are poor and they can not buy whatever they want and they also struggle to stay alive.

2 examples of countries

China and South Africa both used to be oligarchy. The young communist league and the president share common characteristics which means that they are working together therefore making a oligarchy. The oligarchy of South Africa had police violence on Africans and Asians or 2.5 Million.