BY: Alexis, Connor, Ruddy, & William

The Carnival

The carnival takes place in Venice Italy. The first carnival was in 1162 in San Marco Square. The carnival had many symbolic elements like the music, the wild horse, the Moon on the hat , the flowers, the expressionless face, the "volto" mask. What they do to celebrate this victory they, dance and have reunions this started in San Marco Square.

When The First Carnival Was Created

Carnivals originated from Venice, Italy. It started in the second half of the century. People were celebrating for the victory of the "Republica Della Sevenissima", in the war against Ulricho, the patriarch of Aquileia. They wore masks and costumes and danced around.

Is Carnival celebrated today?

Carnival was banned in 1797 after the venetian republic fell. The carnival came back in early February in 1979. The Carnival is still celebrated today. The carnival is still in Vince Italy but it is also traveling the world.


The carnival is a tradition. The habits are very well alive back then (from the 12th up to the 19th century). Today it is considered just curiosity, but still remember the magnificent past. The Venetians love it so much. They keep the carnival going and have so much fun.

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