the country


yes turkey is a country... On the other side of the world

please don't get mixed with the state

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Batman is a city in turkey. Now turkeys like... really cool actually
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In Turkey instead of having soda they have nectar. mmm... sweet sweet necar
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some cities

when founded

-turkey was founded on October 29,1923

some more facts

-80 million people live there

-turkeys real name is the republic of turkey

-turkey has a official language which is Turkish

-their religion is Muslim


they sell textiles, and clothing and at least a third of the people are employed


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here are some facts about this amazing city

-it is the eighth most popular city in turkey

-looks awesome and has amazing views (above)

-had 12.5 million tourist in 2014, a record

-the fastest growing city and has about 2 million people in there already

-population has grown tremendously over time from 3,450 in 1530 to 1,001,318 in 2010

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