Althaus Newsletter

Life Science in 2A


Our study began by observing mealworm Larvae. We fed the mealworms bran and carrots. It has taken a long time but most of our mealworms have formed a pupa. About 6 of the mealworms are now darkling beetles. Watch the video below.
Mealworm to Darkling Beetle in under two minutes

Brassica Plants

When we returned from winter break, we planted fast-growing Brassica plant seeds. Although they are very fast growing plants, they are not as fast as the plants you see growing below. Many of our plants have begun the cycle again as they are growing seed pods.

Fast-growing Brassica plant time lapse

Milkweed Bugs

Out of all of the live creatures we are studying, the milkweed bugs are the only True Bugs. We got them as little yellow eggs that slowly became orange and red-orange in color. When they hatched, they were super tiny bugs. Some of them have molted but they are still very tiny in size. It seems like it will take forever for them to become an adult.
Milkweed leaf bettle life cycle (#330)