BSE Homegrown

November 16-20 and November 23-27

Weekly Events

Monday, November 16

  • Good News Club Meets (2:15-3:30)
  • Carolina/Clemson Competition Continues
  • Santa Supper Tickets go on sale
  • PTA Board Meeting 6:00

Tuesday, November 17

  • Faculty Meeting (3:00)-This will be since we will not have a meeting the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It will be over by 4:00.
  • GT Field Trip
  • Coach Evaluation goes out
  • Chesnee Elementary School Visit
  • Honor Choir to perform at Barnes and Noble 5:30

Wednesday, November 18

  • Upstate Spartans Basketball Team to assist in the carline to promote game on Saturday, November 21
  • Club Rotation list due to Kimbrell
  • 9:00 Presentation in library for poster machine

Thursday, November 19

  • Read with Mrs. Kimbrell at Barnes and Noble 5:30 (all students are encouraged to dress at Pete the Cat)
  • CPI Training for some staff
  • Grades due for interims to go home Monday
  • Fire/Intruder Drill

Friday, November 20

  • Career Fair at school
  • Club Day at School (parents you should have received information about club day last Friday)
  • Last Day for Clemson Carolina Competition
  • Crazy Good Auction Fundraiser at Mrs. English's house for Relay for Life (3-5)
  • Puppy Store @ lunch

Monday, November 23

  • Interims go home
  • Late Day for Staff until 6:30 (remember to bring your dish)
  • K5 ABC Parade (9:30-10:00)

Tuesday, November 24

  • Clemson/Carolina day (depending on the team that wins the Relay Competition)

Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27

Thanksgiving Holidays

Need to Know News

Barnes and Noble Spirit Week

This week is Barnes and Noble Spirit Week for BSES. Any purchase made at the cafe or store, the school will get a 15% return to purchase books for our school. Art, by BSES students, will be displayed in the store. On Tuesday, the Honor Choir will perform at 5:30. On Thursday, we will have "Read with Mrs. Kimbrell Night" at 5:30. All students are encouraged to dress as Pete the Cat.

Early Morning Drop Off

Please remember that the school building open at 7:00 am. The tardy bell rings at 7:40 am. Students must be in the classroom by 7:40. If you do not see an adult outside on duty, please walk your child into the front office to sign them in.

Afternoon Pick-Up

We have certainly improved our pick-up time since the beginning of the year. Parents-please keep in mind that we are finishing up with dismissal at 2:35. We would encourage your to be in line no later than 2:30. At 2:35, we will be taking students to the front office and you will need to pull around front, park, come into the office, and sign your child out. We would certainly appreciate your help in getting our students loaded in a timely manner.

Clemson/Carolina Competition

We are ready to dive into our next fundraiser for Relay on Monday. It’s the Clemson/Carolina Challenge!!! We will be in the cafeteria each morning selling logos for $1.00 from Nov. 9- Nov. 20. We will announce the winner on 23rd and wear the winning colors on the 24th. All proceeds benefit Relay!!

Due this Week

-Grade Level Facilitators-Please remember to turn in your club rotations schedules to Kimbrell by Wednesday, November 18.

-We are planning some upcoming PD. Please take a minute to complete the survey sent out on Sunday to assist in our planning. The PD, this Tuesday, is in response to this survey. We have Valerie Cowan coming from Rainbow Lake to share some behavior intervention strategies.

What's Going on in Classrooms at BSE

During one of my observations, I observed students using iPads for research on a non-fiction topic. The students had a list of approved websites to use as a research source. They had guided questions to assist in their research. At one point, the teacher reminded students to connect their knowledge of non-fiction features with the work they are doing on the web. She reminded them to look for the same features (bold text, headings, etc...) and to utilize those features to assist them.

In a third class, I observed students generating their own math word problems based on an array they found during a scavenger hunt throughout the school. They took a picture of the array. They came back to class to write their own math work problem to along with it. During my observation, students were getting ready to upload a video to ThinkLink reading their math work problem. The video would include the pic of the array, and word problem, and the problem.

This week, I observed students rotating through stations in the gym for Veteran's Day. There is something to be learned for students that understand what to do at each station and the amount of time that can be saved when students understand expectation. There was minimal question or disruption as the coach observed each station due to the fact that students understood the expectation for each station.

Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbooks will be available for purchase online starting September 14. We will make them available online through March 31. The cost is 15.00. You will need to follow the link below and enter the school code 21001.


Lunch Menus will now be digital. Parents are able to download an app that will allow them to check daily menus. The app is titled NurtiSlice. Parents will search for Spartanburg District Two. They will have the option to choose elementary, middle, or high school. Once you have selected the school, parents will be able to view the breakfast or lunch menu.

Parents are also able to pay their lunch bill online. I have include a link below titled "Pay your Lunch Bill" below.

Upcoming Events

November Events:

23-Interims go home

25-Thanksgiving Break

Birthday Wishes Go Out to......

Gernetta Jackson 11/2

Katie Atkins 11/8

Joe Jones 11/10

James Harris 11/11

Pat Jennings 11/14

Katie Leonard 11/16

Carrie Foster 11/19

Alicia Rodgers 11/23

Katy Pridmore 11/26

A Day in the Life @ BSE

Remind 101 for Teachers

PLEASE SURE THAT YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE TEXT! To receive faculty and staff reminders, please text @bsete to 1-443-345-1126