Unit 3 Summative assessment

Nolan Haggart


There are limited resources and different religions because of this conflict can occur on many occasions. So if one persons religion does not like the other persons religion then they could end up fighting or even killing each other. Same scenario for resources if someone needs more of a resource and they try to take it for themselves then more conflict can occur. When I was younger me and my brother got into a fight over the last piece of cake in the fridge. This would connect to natural resources because food is a natural resource.
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Examples of conflict

One major example of conflict would be Palestine and Israel. These two countries have been at war and have been killing each other for years because of land. When Israel took a lot of Palestine's land they retaliated by forming multiple terrorist groups such as Hamas. Another example would be Sand Wars. Sand is a natural resource and it was causing conflict because people were stealing these people's sand for there own. Then there is this group called the Sand Mafia who would kill for a natural resource.


Resolution for conflicts is always an option. For my connection when i got into a fight over the food with my brother, we could have just split it instead of fighting over it. In the Israel vs Palestine they could have just divided the land between them, but instead they blow each other up. During sand wars the people taking the sand should have just kept to their own territory. That would have prevented any loss in land or the rising of the sea.