Macbeth: A Very Sad Death

Brady Terry

The Witches False Hope

The culprit of who murdered Macbeth was none other than the three witches. The Witches prophecies make Macbeth too ambitious. Three witches plant a seed in his mind - a seed of ambition, and this causes him to go on a horrible murder spree, so he could become king. By Macbeth murdering the previous king Duncan in cold blood, he covered it up and spiraled into a prison of madness. The and the witches sent 3 ghosts that gave him each a new prophecy.
The witches prophecy had tricked Macbeth because Macduff was c-sectioned, so he technically was not born of a woman, and guards stormed Macbeth's castle for Birnam Woods. Macbeth was slain by Banquo and he became the new king. But, the witches were the ones to predict the events that were to occur. And they were able to get in his head which sprialed him into madness.

Movie Connection

Macbeth's downfall into madness was from the witches getting in his head. Star Wars episode 3 "Revenge of the Sith". Emperor Palpetine ,from star wars, is a lot like the Witches from the Macbeth. In the sense that he gets in Anakin's head and starts manipulating him into do horrible things. Palpetine got Anakin to join the dark side and had him murder innocent children to become a sith lord. While Macbeth after being influenced by the witches murdered King Duncan so he could become king.
Anakin turns to the Dark Side Star Wars III
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When Ambition Strikes

Waking up same old same ,but in the morning no ordinary day.

I hear a cry out of my head I do nothing just stay in bed.

Making breakfast I stop, thinking if it could have been another way.

I look down at my feet feeling major dread, for I cannot shake the feeling from my head.

Nights before I decided to do a deed that leaves my head divided.

The act unspeakable as of now, but lets just say you won't wanna know how.

As nightfall struck the thought of gold appeared, as I then grew excited.

I knew I could get a way with something so simple wow.

The deed was finished need I say more.

With the swipe of a dagger I lost my craze.

When the dagger hit the body silence fell the floor.

After, the things I was once best I could no longer brave.

And now I know when ambition strikes

You will never sleep a good night.

Literary Devices


Personification is represented when Birnam Woods "move" towards Macbeth's castle. A messenger informs Macbeth,"Let me endure your wrath if't be not so. Within this three mile may you see it coming; I say, a moving grove"(5.5.40-42). Malcolm and his army are charging the Dunsinane Castle towards Macbeth, after they emerge from the Birnam Woods. To make it seem almost as if the forest in moving.
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Point of View(3rd Person Omniscient)

Throughout the story of Macbeth the reader is able to see that 3rd person omniscient is the best and only way Macbeth should be told. The book opens,"When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain"(1.1.1-2), said the first witch. The second witch spoke," When the hurly-burly's done, When the battle's lost and won"(1.1.3-4). The third witch spoke last," That will be ere the set of sun"(1.1.5). The point of view effects the story because it shows the development of all the characters not just one.
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Internal Conflict

There is a huge representation of internal conflict in Macbeth. Macbeth is the one who has to deal with conflicts after he committed murder on King Duncan."I am in blood Stepp'd in so far,that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go'er"(3.4.15-18). In this point in the book Macbeth is haunted by Macduff's ghost. And he goes from being a noble hero to changing into a greedy selfish king.
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