Learn about The Battle of Monmouth

Learn about this famous revolutionary war battle

Learn about the main facts of this battle

  1. It was fought in the Monmouth road in New Jersey.

This battle was considered a draw.

Molly Pitcher was a famous American woman who took her husband's place in this fight.

It was very hot when the battle was fought over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Many men died of height stroke during the battle.

The main fight occurred after the first wave failed due to major Charles lee lack of order

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Learn about all this and more

Come to Kirn Middle School at six pm to learn about all of this and more. Patrick Mchugh will direct you there.

In the main room you will be lectured about the importance of this battle by holding the British army off, Charles lees failure, and how the fight went after that

Battle of Monmouth 1778

Ask for Patrick at the entrance

He will help you from there

people's questions

How come George Washington got mad at Charles Lee?

He was a bad general, it was one of the few times George swore

When was this?

June 28 1778

How many people died?

362–500 on the American side 125-360 on the British side