Remove Movie Coverflow from AppleTV

Learn how to use parental controls on your Apple TV

Eliminate The Movie Cover-flow From Your AppleTV Home Screen

Do you find yourself scrambling for your AppleTV remote to remove inappropriate movie covers from your home screen, before your students begin "oohing and ahhing" over what they are seeing? Never fear, a solution is here! You can place parental controls on your AppleTV that will remove the movie covers from your home screen. Just follow these few simple steps:

Step 1

From your AppleTV home screen, select your settings option.

Step 2

Select "General".

Step 3

Select "Parental Controls"

Step 4

Select "Turn ON Parental Controls"

Step 5

Set a 4-digit passcode of your choice and select "Done".

Step 6

Confirm your passcode and select "Done".

Step 7

Click "OK" on the Password Confirmed screen.

Step 8

Now you should be back to the Parental Controls menu. From here you want to scroll down to "Purchase and Rental". With your AppleTV remote, or using the remote app on your iPad, choose the option to "Hide" purchases and rentals.
Now just hit the "Menu" button until you return to the AppleTV home screen. Your movie covers should be removed, and both the "Movies" and "TV Shows" icons will also be removed from your home screen.