Creations From the Art Room

Final Edition 20-21

A whole school year in the Art Room!

Having the resources of the Art Room has been a huge blessing! So many projects were possible as we worked together in that space. I am so grateful for the creative possibilities that happened as well as the enthusiastic attitude of all the students this school year!

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1st Grade Art

First grade enjoyed the book Abigail - about a giraffe who loved counting. They drew Abigail for themselves and painted her.

2nd Grade Art

Second grade students studied our solar system as they created their art. They were inspired by the book Tiny Little Rocket by Richard Collingridge to design their own rocket to add to their art. They used oil pastels and painted with liquid watercolor and added stars with salt.

3rd Grade Art

Third Grade students used the book Flashlight by Lizi Boyd as inspiration for their art. Students used white colored pencil on black paper. After practicing drawing, each student decided what they would see at night in the woods and illustrated it.

One last project for 3rd Grade....

We were inspired seeing "Emma" the barn owl brought to school by the Carolina Raptor Center. Students painted Emma with acrylic on canvas.
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4th Grade Art

In 4th grade art, we read Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise by Tomie dePaola. Since the author's art was inspired by the Otomi people of Mexico, the students studied the beautiful Otomi textiles. They chose some of the designs to create their own art in celebration of all that God has created. Students painted with gouache on watercolor paper.

5th Grade Inspirational Studies

In our continuation of studying Medieval art, students studied Heraldry. Each student designed a family crest - they used symbols and color with meaning to themselves.

6th Grade Inspirational Studies

Students continued their study of Albrecht Durer’s work focusing on his printmaking.

Albrecht Durer's Rhino Print

Did you know that Albrecht Durer made a woodcut of an animal he had never seen? A rhino was being sent by ship to Pope Leo X from the King of Portugal. Sadly, the ship was shipwrecked and the rhino was lost. There were written accounts and a sketch of the rhino that Durer used to create this amazing print. It was a sensation and more so in that multiple prints were made of it and sold by his mother and sister! People were amazed to see this creature for the first time. Because of the new invention of the printing press everyone would have access to this kind of information or misinformation in this case. You can see one of Durer's prints of this rhino at the Biltmore House in Asheville.

Students were challenged to make their own plate - drawing their version of Durer's rhino into foam and printing it. So many prints - and every one different! Enjoy looking closely!



JH Art

This semester has been full of experimenting with watercolor! Students studied color theory, brush control and paint techniques.

HS Art


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Three color linoleum reduction print by Elyse R.

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Linoleum Print by Cooper Ly.

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Three color linoleum reduction print


Selah H.

Senior Art Award

Elle Suprenant

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Scratchboard - 2018

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Linoleum Cut Print - 2018

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Acrylic Painting - 2020

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Gouache Painting - 2020

It has been a joy to teach your students!

1st - 12th Arborbrook Art Teacher