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November 12, 2020 - Edition 18

District Must Meet County Metrics to Return to In-person Instruction

Governor Brown has released new metrics thresholds for school districts to meet before they can provide in-person (Hybrid) instruction in school classrooms. The new metrics do make is easier for district to return to in-person instruction. However, Mt. Angel School District is in Marion County which is one of the hot spots for COVID-19 in Oregon. The chart below illustrates that Marion County is currently at 282.1 (cases per 100,000 population), and rapidly rising. Our target is to get below 100 before we can get our K-3rd graders back in our classrooms under our Hybrid Instructional Model. Our district is following safe and healthy procedures to keep students and staff safe. Please do the same as families and community members to avoid spreading this COVID-19 virus. The sooner the numbers go down, the more likely we are to get kids back in our classrooms.
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Community Listening Session Renamed Family Forum

Mt. Angel School District has been hosting Community Listening Sessions to update families and the community on Distance Learning and answering questions submitted by parents and families. The last session was on November 5, 2020. The next Family Forum is scheduled for December 3, 2020. We will be moving the start time up to 6:30 pm. Here is a zoom link to the Family Forum.

Items Donated by InterMountain ESD

Mt. Angel School District Received two pallets of items to assist families impacted by recent wildfires and smoke. The items were received as a generous donation from InterMountain Educational Service District in Pendleton and their component districts. Here is a list of items donated:

  • sleeping bags
  • misc bedding
  • bottled water
  • feminine hygiene products
  • school/office supplies
  • misc clothing

School Counselors are working on distributing the items to families with needs. Please contact your counselor if you need any of the items on the list above.

Mt. Angel Knights of Columbus Coat Giveaway

Mt. Angel Knights of Columbus will again be handing out Coats for Kids on the Friday following Thanksgiving, November 27th, 9:00 am-12:00 pm. Thank you Knights of Columbus for keeping our kids warm, we appreciate you:)
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Keeping Our Kids Safe Online with Securly

Securly, the web filtering application used in the Mt. Angel School District to keep students safe while using school-issued Chromebooks, has a feature called SecurlyHome. This feature is a tool for parents to monitor and track the online activity of your student while using school district equipment.

Features include:

  • Weekly Updates - Families will receive weekly emails that summarize their child’s previous week of internet activity and searches. They will also be able to see any content that was flagged for bullying, self-harm or suicide.
  • Real-Time Usage Review – Families who want real-time information about their child’s internet use can access the Securly parent portal or download the Securly Home app on their mobile device.
  • Controls and Filters - The parent portal and Securly Home app will also give families the ability to modify some internet filter settings during times the Chromebook is being used off-campus. For example, if parents want the Chromebook turned off at 7 p.m. each night, they can set an offline schedule in the Securly Home app.

Families can find more details by viewing the MASD Securly Info Website (English ~ Español) . To sign up for this service please complete the Securly Parent Registration.

Oregon Lifeline Reduces Cost of Internet for Families

Oregon Lifeline is a federal and state government program that reduces the monthly cost of phone or broadband service for qualifying low-income Oregon households. If you qualify, you could get one of the following benefits of the program with a participating service provider in your area:

  • Receive a discount on your phone bill of up to $19.25 per month;
  • Receive a discount on your broadband bill of up to $21.25 per month; or
  • Receive free cell phone and data service

Discount amounts are subject to change.

Federal and state regulations limit the Lifeline benefit to one person per household for phone or broadband service.

You may qualify for Oregon Lifeline if you receive one of the following benefits:

More information can be found here.

Annual ESSA Notifications to Families

Annual parent notifications can be found here: Annual Notifications

Required Attendance

As a reminder to all families and students, daily attendance is required on synchronous and asynchronous instruction days. Students are marked present for participating in synchronous instruction classes, turning in or submitting assignments, and for communicating with their teacher each day. If students are not able to attend a class the parent or guardian needs to contact the school office in advance. Regular attendance is the first step to success for all students. We look forward to seeing every child every day, even if it is from a distance.

Limited In-Person Instruction Continues to Expand

We continue to plan for additional limited in-person instruction to meet the needs of our students. Limited In-person Instruction must be in addition to core instruction and students can only attend for up to 2 hours per day. Availability of staff, cohort limits and transportation require careful planning to get kids in our buildings under current state guidance. We started bringing individual students into our buildings beginning October 26th for assessment/evaluations. This also occurs under the limited in-person guidance. As state guidance allows we will continue to serve as many students as possible.

USDA Extends Food Service Waivers through end of 2020-2021 School Year

We are pleased to announce that the USDA has again extended the waiver to continue with our ability to provide free meals to children up to the age of 18. We continue to offer two programs. Grab and Go at St. Mary’s Elementary between 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. And meal delivery on school days (M-F) between 9 am – 12:30 pm to addresses within the Mt Angel School District boundary. See for specific address delivery times. Important changes to the delivery program that we need to mention. We cannot leave food unless we are sure someone is home at the time of delivery. Acknowledge the delivery by opening your door, or look out the window to make contact with bus drivers. Also, unless you wish to open your door to accept delivery, please place a cooler or container on your doorstep and we will place your meals in the container. Some food may be perishable. Be sure to eat, refrigerate or freeze the food as needed. If you receive meal delivery, you cannot pick up duplicate meals at the Grab and Go site.

If you are not already pre-registered for meal delivery you may complete a form online at or by calling the district office at 845.2345.

Season 1 Sports Activities are in Session Through December 28th

Season 1 sports activities are moving to their second mini-season of workouts and conditioning. Activities are limited to outdoors only, no transportation or full participation allowed. No full contact sports are allowed at this point and distancing is being maintained as per guidance from ODE, OHA and OSAA. The Mt. Angel School Board will receive an update at the November 9th board meeting, and consider future scope of activities. To date, Mt. Angel Schools have not experienced any cases of COVID-19 illness.
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Updated Family Calendar for the 2020-2021 Now Posted on District Website

Mt. Angel School Board approved a revised calendar for the 2020-2021 school year at their regular board meeting on Monday, October 12th. You can find the new parent calendar on our website here: The revised calendar restructures Parent-Teacher conferences into Virtual Home Visits which will include six evenings in November, February and April.