Ancient Egyptian Government

Explore the ancient government

The ruler

Ancient Egypt is being ruled by pharaoh. Pharaoh owns everything. He owns your house, food, jewelry, etc. If your wondering why it is not "the pharaoh," there was only one pharaoh at a time. How a pharaoh is decided is if the person is the son of Ra. Usually its through a dynasty. They will put newborns through certain tests to see who is the new ruler.

pharaohs people

Pharaohs' apprentices

Pharaohs' apprentice is a vizier, The vizier is a person who gets reports from all the head leaders. The vizier gives Pharaoh a report on what is happening all over Egypt. Pharaoh also has an army, a police force, and a huge number of government officials, to help him rule the country. Pharaoh also meets with priests who do religious ceremonies. The vizier also has people called Nomarks to work for him, which goes back to the pharaoh.

What we do

We all work for the government and we all have different jobs. We pay taxes like every one else, but some people help the government more than others. Some scribes and priests worked for Pharaoh.

Stuff you might not have known about the government

  • Pharaohs would hold court for his top officials and high priests. People would approach him and kiss the ground at his feet.
  • The wives of the Pharaohs were the second most powerful people in the land after the Pharaohs.
  • In the New Kingdom, court cases were ruled by a local council of elders called a Kenbet.