Kool Karankawas

by Sumedh ,Cody ,Surya,Jefferson

Welcome to the Kool Karankawas

We are going to teach you about what the Karankawa looked like,where they lived,what they ate, and what their customs are.

Appearance by Cody

The Karankawa were good walkers so they could walk through hard places such as

swamps ,and sandy areas without getting tired.

The Karankawa had to put alligator grease on them as a repellent because the mosquitoes were bad on the coast.

Shelter and Location by Surya

The Karankawa were nomads so their houses were temporary.

The location of were they lived was the southern tip of Galveston Island(today known as Corpus Christi

Food by Sumedh

The Karankawa used bows ,arrows,and traps to catch fish and other water animals.

The Karankawa hunted deer,stray buffalo,small mammals, and birds.

Customs by Jefferson

The Karankawa practiced cannibalism .

The Karankawa children were given two names.

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The Karankawa lived in villages like this one.


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