unnatrual cells dived and irradicate tissue.

Cancer research

My cancer is about throat cancer which is unnatrual cells divied in the throat there many things that can cause throat cancers that many adults do daily.

Throat cancer

Throat cancer is the unnatural growth of cells in the throat destroying the cells that surround it. This cancer effects what it sounds like,it affects the throat.

Risks Of Throat Cancer

  1. Smoking
  2. chewing tobacco
  3. drinking lots of alchol
  4. poor diet with out fruits or vegetables
  5. HPV

Throat Cancer Symptoms

  1. Sore in the throat that doesn't heal
  2. Swallowing difficulties
  3. Lump in the throat
  4. Ear aches
  5. voice changes like horseness

Treatments Of Throat Cancer

  1. Radiation therapy
  2. Brach therapy
  3. Chemo therapy
  4. Surgery
Early stages of throat cancer are 80-90% but the advanced stages are 25-50%