Mental Health & Wellness

Information, Activities, and Resources for Families

June 8, 2020
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Supporting Students and Their Families

In light of the recent events our mental health team is providing you with information and resources on how to help build resiliency and mental wellness in your family during this difficult time.

There are a variety of resources in this newsletter. We understand that each family is unique. Please review resources first, and use what works for you and your family.

In addition, look for social emotional learning activities posted on Seesaw every Wednesday.

For Parents:

Here are links to parenting resources covering a variety of parenting topics:

Activities for Families

Here are links to activities for parents to engage in with children to elicit discussion of feelings and explain current events:

Coping Strategies for Kids

Here are links to calming exercises to encourage emotional regulation in children:

Talking to Kids about Diversity, Race and Social Justice

Here are links to resources to help support parent discussions about diversity, race and social justice:

*Please review resources first to ensure relevance and appropriateness for your child.

Preparing for Summer

Here are links related to summer planning:

We are here for you!

Please reach out if you need additional support.

Hemlock School-

Tracy Martinez - School Social Worker

Monica Saavedra - School Psychologist

Homestead School-

Tracy Martinez - School Social Worker

Jessica Berenbroick - School Psychologist

Locust School:

Tracy Martinez - School Social Worker

Happy Arstark - School Psychologist

Tracy Martinez

Primary School Social Worker