The Dominican Republic

Country Project- The Americas

For my research project I decided to do the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean islands and its capital is Santo Domingo. Lots of people go to the Dominican for it beaches and the feel of being in paradise. Some points of interest are...

  1. Bavaro beach
  2. Cap Cana Resort (Juanillo)
  3. Catalina Island
  4. Santa Maria, Cathedral
These are all popular place most people go to in the Dominican
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The official language of The Dominican Republic is Spanish. Many people there speak English as well though making tourism for tourists easy.


Three native foods in The Dominican Republic are...
1. Chen-Chen- cracked corn pilaf dish
2, Mangu- Deep fried salami meat
3, Chimmichurris- hamburgers topped with cabbage slaw


Religions in the Dominican include the following
  1. Catholic
  2. Protestant
  3. Jewish
  4. Muslim

Traditional Clothing

Tainos and Nagua are usually worn for traditional celebrations and holidays. They are handmade from pounded or pressed fibers and cottons.

Holidays and Traditions

Below is a link to a website full of all the holidays and celebrations in the 2013 calender.


Housing in the Dominican is called Villas. They are built like normal everyday houses with a little twist. some have Spanish style arced windows and hammocks for beds. some are weirdly shaped with different angles and balconies.


Native music includes:
  • The Meringue- played by many instruments to a fast paced beat
  • Sacred and played at many ceremonies is the Palo a type of music that is native to the Dominican
  • Dominican Rock- popular to all ages

Economy/ Money

The currency in the Dominican is the Dominican Peso. A colorful dollar shown to the right

Common Sports

Since it warm year round in the Dominican pretty much all sport are played. There is Windsurfing, baseball, soccer, golf diving, and swimming that a lot of people do year long and much more.