To Kill A Mockingbird

By Harper Lee

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what is the main conflict in your book? Explain.

It's about a little girl dad that's trying to bring justice to a man who they say raped a woman.
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which character in the book can you closely relate to? why?

Atticus because i would love to defend someone who i think is innocent.Also he is very humble

If you could ask the author of your book 5 questions what would they be?

why did dill become a big character all of a sudden?why did aunt Aunt Alexandra didn't want scout going over cal house?why did atticus take the case so easy?how did the dog catch rabies and it wasn't feburary.

Choose a powerful and significant quote from your book and draw a picture representation

It's a sin to kill a mockingbird.

Would you recommend this book to a friend? why or why not?

No.Because it's bot modern it's to complicated to understand somethings and that would get you lost in the whole book.