Spring in Room 327

A look at this semester's activities!

Our class takes Houston with Ms. Jackson in tow!

Our class is taking this city by storm during these spring showers. We are so busy working on new lessons and activities while absorbing all that this season has to offer. We are working on a new lesson in geography and science by learning about the animal kingdom in Africa! These animals are hard to find in Houston, but easy to spot during a trip to the zoo.

Take a look at this retro 1st grade classroom!

African Wildlife

Room 327 is taking a safari through Africa and learning about some of the rare and endangered species. In order to help spark your student's interest, try reading bed time stories with rhinos, elephants, or other African wildlife species. We're going to learn more about these animals, their ecosystems, and their niches.

Thomas Hawk's photograph of a rhino can be found here!

Field Trip to the Houston Zoo

Wednesday, March 18th, 9am-2:30pm

6200 Hermann Park Drive

Houston, TX

Our class is going to the Houston zoo to learn more about the wild life from Africa. Parents are invited to take advantage of this chance to learn with their students, and help chaperon the class. Please join us!

Daily Routines for Rm. 327!

7:45 - Unpacking and preparing for the fun day ahead!

8:00 - In seats, announcements, and warm up activities.

9:00 - Turn in any homework and assignments.

9:30 - Begin new lesson.

11:00 - Lunch!

12:00 - Ancillary

1:00 - Complete independent work from lesson.

2:00 - End of day quiz.

3:00 - Pack up and head home. Parents, check for student's folder filled with fun updates and news.

Thank you Yandel for the awesome picture!

About Ms. Jackson

Ms. Emily Jennis Jackson has a strong commitment to education. Through high school Ms. Jackson worked leading her school through committees, clubs, and special events. After receiving her Associates of Arts from Houston Community College, she finished her Bachelors' in Special Education Teaching at the University of Houston. Go Coogs! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or phone.