H.A. Rey

By: Andrew Sneed

Central Idea Statement

H.A. Rey wrote children's books, in Cambrige, MA in 1960, To inspire kids

Summary of Research

H.A. Rey was born in Hamburg, Germany. The biggest Challenge he faced was escaping the Nazi's in Germany. He escaped with only a few items including the original manuscript for the first Curious George. Sadly H.A. Rey passed away in 1977 at the age of 79.


H.A. Rey's books were mostly about finding things out.Some reasons were because curious George was always curious and finding things out. Another is that The Man in the yellow hat was always finding out how much trouble George was getting into.


His books were mostly happy because George was always having fun. Another is he was always getting into trouble and most kids think that's funny. One more is he was always exploring and finding out things.


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