The steam engine

The Inventor

The original inventor was an englishmen by the name of Thomas savory. Soon after, another inventor, named Thomas Newcommen, improved the invention with the "Newcommen engine"

How does it work???????????????

The “Newcomen engine” was operated by a boiler that contained a piston and a cylinder installed above it. Steam came through a valve into the cylinder, causing the piston to rise. When the steam condensed, it created a vacuum in the cylinder, causing the lowering of the piston, then the process started all over again.

What's the purpose of me using it????

The purpose was to help miners keep water out of the mines.

Where did this happen???????

The first Newcomen engine was installed in Stafford-shire, England.

Time period

The Newcomen engine was invented in 1712.

Why people would need this.

The Newcomen Engine was needed for miners to keep water from going into their mines.

The Importance

The steam engine has helped supply energy to many items we use today, especially in factories.