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September 11 - 17th September

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Lunchtime Recess Clubs at VV Have Started!

Some of our specialists have started lunchtime recess clubs as recess options for students.

Ms. Lankes is hosting a yoga club on Mondays for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and on Tuesdays for 4th and 5th grades. Yoga is open to all who want to participate each week.

Mrs. Fouts is hosting an art club on Wednesdays for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and on Thursdays for 4th and 5th grades. Art club has limited space due to materials management, but a new session for new students to join will begin in January.

Mr. Colwell is hosting a piano club for 1st and 2nd graders with no previous experience with piano on Wednesdays. Space is limited due to the number of keyboards we have. This club is possible because our FFO supported the purchase of the piano club materials. Every quarter new students may join the piano club.

Mrs. McCoy will be hosting a mindfulness club, details coming soon!

Student Council will be on Wednesdays for 4th and 5th graders with Ms. Barrios and Mrs. Galligan. Today was their first meeting!

We are so excited that our students have a variety of options to choose from this year! Stay tuned for future club updates!

Families--We are currently in the process of bringing back the gardening club, so if you'd like to volunteer for that OR if you have an idea for a club that you can volunteer to host, let Mrs. Mulay know. We'd love to provide even more choices for our students.


Governing Board Members

Amy Bhola, President

Amy Krauss, Vice President

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Carole Siegler, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent