Calm Kitty Cats

A guide to our furry friends By:Austin Felton


Welcome everyone to your complete guide on cats! We will be learning lots today so let's hurry up and start. I hope you enjoy my presentation today, so without further ado let us begin!!!!!

What a Wild Cat Eats

A wild cat eats lots of things. A wild cat eats mice, squirrels, rabbits, and birds... sometimes lizards or frogs!!!

Cats Over the Years

The first cats appeared about 30 million years ago! The Abyssinian is the oldest bread of domestic cat. The sphinx [a cat with no fur] is the newest breed of cat.

Kitty Records

The most kittens a cat has ever had was a cat that had 420 kittens in its lifetime. The world's oldest cat's name was Grandpa who lived to be 34. Why was his name Grandpa? Do you think his name was given to him as a kitten or when he was much older? Tell me in questions please. The world's fattest cat was 46 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one fat cat!

Kitty Cat Feelings

When a cat's ears are down and its tail is puffy a cat is mad. When a cat's tail and head are down a cat is sad. A cat is happy when its ears are facing forward and its eyes are half closed. A cat is feeling very excited when its eyes are wide open and its tail is puffy and wagging like crazy!

Interesting Cat Facts

The average litter for a cat is 4 kittens. There are 36 different cat breeds. A cat can run 31 MPH. There about 500 million pet cats in the world! Some cats can jump 7 times there height, that is like a human jumping onto a 3-story building! cats can see extremely well in the dark. Cats have 20 whiskers. All cats are born with blue eyes. If a cat is all white and has blue eyes than it is probably deaf. Killing a cat is punished by death in Egypt! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
36 Facts About Cats - mental_floss List Show (Ep.221)


ABYSSINIAN-the first kind of pet cat

BREEDS-different kinds

DOMESTIC-trained to live with humans


LITTER-group of cats born together

PRESENTATION-project in front of people

SPHINX-newest kind of cat







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