Ireland Vs Haiti

What makes a country developed or less developed?

How did Ireland become a developed country?

In the 1980’s, Ireland was working on becoming a developed country. The government focused on education, foreign investments, and trading agricultural products. Since Irish people were cheap labor, but also well educated, and there was low corporate taxes, many companies established businesses in Ireland. Not only did Ireland bring profit in by having more businesses come there, but they also built up their trade. Ireland made a deal to provide China with all it's milk and beef. With China being highly populated, Ireland will be bringing in a lot of money due to this trade deal. Source:


Haiti is at one of the poorest countries in the Americas. Poverty and poor access to education are Haiti’s top disadvantages. They suffer from high inflation due to lack of investment and trade deficit. Their government relies on international economic assistance for financial sustainability. In 2010, an earthquake in Haiti severely impacted their economy. Massive homelessness and displacement continues and does not appear to have significantly abated since the earthquake. Source:

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Haiti population VS Ireland population

Haiti's population is almost double Ireland's. Although the population is more in Haiti, there is a higher infant mortality rate and lower life expectancy rate. The infant mortality rate in Haiti is at 50 per 1,000 births, while in Ireland it's at 4 per 1,000 births. Lastly, the life is at 63 years old in Haiti and 80 in Ireland. One of the major causes Haiti suffers with lower life expectancy would be due to AIDS. If they could get the right care and medicine I believe there life expectancy could be greatly increased. Three suggestions on how to make Haiti a more developed country would be to have a better medical field, clean drinking water and a better economy. To make Haiti have a better medical field, doctors from around the world need to come and train future doctors and bring the tools and medicine they would need. For Haiti to have clean drinking water, us Americans could come help set up water systems to purify their water so it is safe to drink. For Haiti to have a better economy, their government will have to think instead of just do. Meaning think of ways to grow Haiti and make it better. For a start, they could get more involved with trade. by getting involved with trade, they could have so many more economic connections and have some income as well. Sources used: &


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