Week 14 News


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Here we are a week before Thanksgiving break! It will be a fun week teaching the students about Thanksgiving and having discussions on what they're thankful for. :)

Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE at our Thanksgiving Potluck THIS FRIDAY!


1. Thanksgiving Potluck THIS FRIDAY!

Please see below for event details.

If you are able to come join us and bring a potluck item, we'd love to have you! Please sign up for what you will bring on our class site. Thank you!

2. Kidspace Children's Museum Field Trip on 12/9

Please see below for details and submit the online permission slip before Wed., 12/2.

I will need to confirm how many chaperones we can have on this field trip. Meanwhile, if you are interested, please indicate it on the permission slip form. Thank you!

3. Khan Academy (OPTIONAL)

As a supplemental resource, I will be assigning Math work from khanacademy.org. This is a wonderful resource for students who would like more practice with the concepts taught at school or would like more challenging Math work.

The website adapts the questions based on each child's level. The more questions students answer correctly, the harder the problems will get. The program will also make problems easier if students are struggling with correctly answering the problems.

Please see below on how to sign up. This information will also be posted on our class site under "Parent Resources".

  1. Sign up at khanacademy.org (or log in with their existing accounts)
  2. Visit khanacademy.org/coaches
  3. There, in the "Add a coach" field, enter the class code XEEF4D

4. Personal Belongings Please Leave AT HOME

Please have your child leave all personal belongings at home. This includes, but not limited to, the following:

- little gifts for other students

- any type of toy (LEGO figurine, marble, etc.)

- coins

- stickers

- keychains

- keys

- lotion

- chapstick

- accessories (bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc.) These items are okay if students are not playing with them in their hands and it is not causing a distraction for other students.

These items have increasingly become a distraction in the classroom. I have mentioned to students to keep theirpersonal items in their backpacks, but they are still popping up in the classroom and causing disruptions for our learning environment. In addition, I would not want students to feel upset for losing their personal belongings. I have already reminded students that if they bring these personal items to school, I will be removing them from their possession to prevent further distraction and will not return to the students at the end of the day. A parent/guardian will need to ask me in person in order for it to be returned to the student.

When we start sharing/Show-and-Tell in the spring, the students will then be able to bring their beloved items to school to present to the class.


Happy Birthday to Our November Baby: Evah Lee!

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Thanksgiving Potluck

Friday, Nov. 20th, 2:15-3:15pm


Everyone is welcomed to attend this event! Please bring a potluck dish you would like to share with the class. Sign-ups are available on our class site!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 12am to Friday, Nov. 27th, 12am


Kidspace Children's Museum Field Trip

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 9am-2pm

480 North Arroyo Boulevard

Pasadena, CA

Please submit the permission slip HERE.

Thank you!

Have a happy and thankful week! :)