The Superb Lyrebird

Latin Name: Menura Superba


The Superb Lyrebird gets it name because of its tail. To attract a mate, the male dances with its tail. They have wings, but theyre still considered "ground birds." I believe they are flightless because of their tails. They represent a harplike instrument called a lyre. Like most small birds, they feed off of insects.  They can also amazingly mimick other birdsongs to the music to "I Like To Move It Move It". (Reason For Improper Punctuation: Cant use a comma )

They Like to Move It Move It

When courting, the male spreads out his tailfeathers and makes a mound of dirt. Next he stands on it. And dances! Next, he sings a song, any birdsong to a technologically, high-advanced, machine.  Last, he spreads out or raises his tail to look like they are dancing.

Even more Info! and pretty pictures


This is a funny picture I found. Birds are very curious, and this one is rich. Wait, is that a bunch of stuff on the ground?! DID IT STEAL THOSE?!?! SOMEONE CALL 911!!!
Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife


Judging by the map, Superb Lyrebirds have their habitats in southeast Australia. The type of habitats are wet forests and woodlands.


Life Span: Lives for approximately 15 years. Size: about the size of a rooster or chicken.

Food Web

Threats to Superb Lyrebirds:Larger Birds, Cats,(wild/domestic) humans,(Mmm,roast lyrebird!) and, foxes. What theLyrebird eats: ants, worms, insects, beetles, spiders, and occasionally seeds.