Miller Elementary Weekly Update

September 16, 2022

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Mrs. Goodman's Message

Hello Miller Families!

We had another wonderful week at Miller and we must say you sent us the cutest little ones all dressed up for picture day! If you could see all the smiles, dress clothes, and excitement, you would know that it was a fun day for all! It will take a few weeks for Ripcho Studios to print our school pictures and we will send home all photo packages once they arrive. We have tentatively scheduled re-takes and first-time photos if your child was absent for Monday, November 14th. Please stay tuned for more information.

This week, some of our preschool classrooms transformed into a Pet Clinic! Your children had the opportunity to care for many pets, apply band-aids, and pretend to groom our new furry friends all while practicing our turn-taking, sharing, and conversation skills. Dramatic play and storytelling help the young child make connections to the world around them, learn conflict resolution, and of course, be problem solvers.

Our kindergartners also had a chance to story tell when they visited our nature path between Miller and Leighton. Our 5th graders at Leighton were tasked to build a natural fairy house and determine the overall volume of their fairy home. These houses would come in handy for our kindergartners to visit and participate in some storytelling with their own fairy or woodland creature. This connection with Leighton and Miller has been a lot of fun and your family is invited to visit the Fairy Garden this weekend! You can find the path by looking for the musical chimes station on the Leighton playground and you'll see the opening to the nature path. Simply follow the signs and you'll be led to our outdoor learning space. Have so much fun visiting our Fairy Forest with your family!

Have a wonderful weekend and Go GREENMEN!

Maria Goodman

Miller Elementary School - Principal

330-954-2189 Email

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Miller Elementary Wins GOLD PBIS Award

Miller Elementary received official notification that we have been awarded the GOLD PBIS State recognition award for our success with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS involves teaching students expected behaviors in a consistent and positive way, modeling and acknowledging those behaviors, and helping all students meet expectations to be successful learners at school!

PBIS has been shown to improve student achievement, student behavior, and school climate. In 2015, Ohio PBIS Network first recognized schools that were model examples of effective PBIS implementation. Miller Elementary has earned the GOLD level for the 2021-2022 school year. We are one of 375 award-winning schools in Ohio to be recognized at any of the levels: Gold (41), Silver (80), and Bronze (238). Miller Elementary will be honored at the 2022 Ohio PBIS Showcase, which is held annually in conjunction with the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC). We are excited about this recognition and look forward to continuing the implementation of our strong PBIS system!

School Wide PBIS Skill of the Week

Our teaching and reinforcing of school expectations and appropriate choices has continued with another new skill, "I CAN SHARE, TAKE TURNS, AND WAIT MY TURN." Learning how to share with friends and family members is a life long skill. Children between the ages of 3 and 4 tend to focus on their own desires and perspectives. At home or in school, it may be a child saying, "My toy or give it to me." They will often grab and take when their desire for the toy is the most important thing on their mind. Also at this age, waiting for their turn requires children to have a sense of delayed gratification before they get what they are seeking; for example an answer from an adult, a toy from a friend or waiting their turn for a swing. By the age of 5 and 6 they begin to see different points of view and even show sympathy and empathy for others. They begin to develop the language to communicate and kindergartners begin to no longer need to see themselves always being the most important role.

Always remember that children can't be rushed through developmental stages. They need plenty of time to practice, play and experience opportunities to share, take turns and wait. Please see some ideas listed below to work on these skills at home too!

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Important Reminder about Birthday Treats & Invitations

Celebrating birthdays and holidays can be a fun tradition for many. We want to remind everyone that we ask that birthday invitations do not come to school so that this can be handled with care from each individual family and not through the schools. Often times there can be hurt feelings or lost items that can become more problematic than intended, so it's best if families take care of this special delivery.

This is also a friendly reminder that all birthday or holiday items that come into school need to be non-food items. With our young children, there are many allergies and family preferences about food and treats so we ask that no food or candy is sent into the classroom except for a specific request from the classroom teacher. Suggested birthday items could be a small item, a book donated to the classroom, or something fun for everyone to enjoy to remember your child's special day. Thank you for your cooperation

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Reporting Absences

There will be times when your child is ill or needs to miss school due to appointments.

We ask that you call Miller School at 330-562-6199 to either speak with Vicki Wolf or leave a message. Please share your child's first name, last name, teacher, and the reason for the absence. If they are going to an appointment, please ask for a doctor's note to have on file here at school. Thank you!

If your family will have a planned absence due to an event or vacation, you will need to fill out a planned absence form for our schools. Please send in a note requesting this form as soon as you know your anticipated date.

If your child is experiencing COVID-related symptoms and you have questions for our school nurse, Jackie Pawlowski, you may call 330-954-2286. She can help answer any questions.

Important Updates from our Superintendent Mike Roberto

School Nurse: Jackie Pawlowski

Here are some important reminders to ensure the safety of our school community each day:

  • Check your child each day for illness symptoms. If they begin to feel ill, please know she will assess your child and make contact with a family member when necessary.
  • Students sent home with a fever, may not return to school until they are fever free without medication for at least 24 hours. This means if your child was sent home on Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. with a fever, he/she may not return to school until Thursday. If your child does return the next day, our school will be calling for you to come and pick him/her up. Please help to support our efforts in this area.
  • Please make sure your Final Forms medical information is up to date. We will closely read the health sections to address any medical concerns.

Finally, please make sure your child has extra clothes in his/her backpack. Accidents and spills happen all the time and it's safe to always have their own clothes in their book bag instead of wearing our spare clothes.

Important Dates and Events

Saturday, 9/17 - Chipotle Give Back 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the Twinsburg location (2640 Creekside Dr.)

Sunday, 9/18 - Mumkin Flower Pickup at the Board Office from 10:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Tuesday, 9/27 - Kinder. - Lake Farm Park Field Trip (Smerkar, Jaworski, Yonally, Forster, Kidwell)

Wednesday, 9/28 - Kinder. - Lake Farm Park Field Trip (Verhotz, Gallucci, Haughey, Sabulsky)

Monday, 10/3 - Preschool - Aurora Fire Department visits Miller

Important PTO Information

Aurora Elementary PTO

Hello Millier Families!

1. Saturday, September 17th - Our first Give Back Night at Chipotle in Twinsburg. Dine in or carry out between 5:00-9:00pm and mention Aurora Elementary PTO. 33% of sales are donated to AEPTO. You can also order online using the code 7ARM7D7.

2. Sunday, September 18 - Mumkins pick up at The Board of Education parking lot from 10:30am-1:30pm. If you are unable to pick up your plants, please make arrangements with friends or family to have them picked up. We are NOT responsible for any plants not picked up.

3. Wednesday, October 5 - Next AEPTO Meeting in the C&I Building (in front of Aurora High School, off Pioneer).

4. There is still time to join the AEPTO!! Click the link below to join now! The deadline is September 30th.

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