Hybrid Electric Cars

Fast on speed. Slow on bio fuels

What are Electric Cars?

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Electric cars are vehicles that use one ore more electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion. These motors are charged by plug in mechanisms that connect the vehicle to an electrical power source.

  • The average electric battery charging cycle life span is about 5 years (increasing in amounts of charging after the fifth year)

How it Works

Ordinary electric cars charge up their batteries using power from the engine. Plug in electric cars can be "refueled" from a charging station. Plug ins also have larger batteries and can be driven by the motor and batteries.


  • Yearly checks are advisable to insure everything is running properly
  • Charge when battery has been nearly exhausted of its electrical power.
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How They Help the Environment

  1. Help to break our dependence on fossil fuels
  2. Clean the air by not producing CO2
  3. Improve our health
  4. Protect our climate


  • Produce no Co2 Emissions
  • Very quit and smooth running
  • Never have to go to a gas station again. (Charges at home)
  • Cheap to operate (electricity cost little to make)


  • Limited range of how far you can go without recharging
  • Longer time to recharge the vehicle
  • Limited range= long road trips are not advisable
  • Cost to purchase vehicle is high
  • Not many people want this