Riverside Review

February 1- February 5, 2016

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In the next week, you will be receiving an email notifying you of the two-week observation window. Please mark it on your calendar, accordingly.


  • Planning in PLC room this week.
  • Feb 2nd:

    · Kinder, 1st, and 2nd: Data Talks –This will include looking at the MOY IStation Data, Running Record results, and discussing Action Plans that include Tier 1 Instructional Goal(s) based on the data.

    · 3rd : Review Math Benchmark results and create the STAAR Action Plans that are due on 2/3.

    · 4th: Review Writing Benchmark

  • If retention of a Tier 3 student is a consideration, please refer to AR EIE(R2). All information is due in by January 29th.
  • Thank you for submitting your running records!
  • February 23: Barbara will be providing PD during the PLC meeting . The topic will be related to recognizing and identifying dyslexia in elementary students.
  • If you are interested in tutoring, please ask Julie for a contract and sign-in sheet.

Dates to Remember:

Feb 1 - Feb. 16: Big Kahana Fundraiser Kick-Off

Feb. 3: Kelly Leach on Campus

Feb. 5: 100th Day of School

Feb. 8: Dinosaur Rock Texas Title 1 Night

Feb. 9: KISD Biometric Screening (10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)

Feb. 9: 3rd Day Program (Cafe @ 6:30 p.m.)

Feb. 11: The Golden Rule Movie (Guidance Counseling)

Feb. 15: Professional Development Day and Instructional Planning

Feb. 16: 4th Grade Math Benchmark

Feb. 17: 4th Grade Reading Benchmark

Feb. 18: Staff Meeting

Feb. 19: Kelly Leach on Campus

Feb. 23: Individual/Class Pictures

Feb. 24: Bilingual Teachers Meeting

Feb. 25: Leadership Meeting

Feb. 26: Rocket Rally and Spirit Shop

Jan. 24 - Feb. 14: Telpas Online Training Course Window

What are the Campus Expectations!

Incorporate campus expectations into your weekly planning, instruction and activities:

  • Utilize resources
  • Actively engage students
  • Inform parents
  • Monitor student progress


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Faculty and Staff Shout-Outs!


Guidance Service

Guidance Services are available for any student throughout the year. Please use the link below to complete the form. Services may include:

  • General Social Skills
  • Learning Issues Impacted by Non-Related School Factors
  • Classroom Academic Concerns leading to Misbehavior
  • Emotional Issues
  • Behavior RTI Process
  • Students who have difficulty "fitting" in.
  • Homeless students



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Where is Everyone This Week?



Wednesday -Ass't Principal Meeting (Oliver 8-11); Webmaster Training (Oliver 11 a - 3 p)

Wednesday- Poverty Simulation (Kristina 8 a -9 a)

Thursday - Instructional Rounds (Oliver @ CHS)


Answer the Question, Please!

Question: I was reading an article about how TMS Code Red Team saved a student's life and it made me wonder if we still have one. I don't remember the last time that we had a drill.

Comment: Yes we do have a Code Red Team. Monthly drills can be scheduled as well.

Staff Birthdays

Feb. 5: Cheryl Helton

Feb. 9: Gloria Hinojosa

Feb. 25: Sarah Carling

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