The Bobcat Weekly

February 13, 2022 Issue 22

The Week Ahead...

Hello Students and Families!

As we begin the fifth grading period, I have prepared this twenty-second edition of the Bobcat Weekly. To help you navigate the week ahead, I have compiled the following key information:

  1. No School Monday, February 21
  2. Rogue Instagram Accounts
  3. Cheer Try-Outs
  4. Emerald Line Try-Outs
  5. Cap and Gown Orders
  6. Seniors: FASFA - Completion Required
  7. Middle School Basketball Season Ends in Success
  8. BMHS JROTC Goes to Raider Camp

I hope you find this helpful!

Richard Penland, Principal

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No School

There is no school on Monday, February 21st.
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Rogue Instagram Accounts

Unfortunately, people can be mean. In this newest and ugly trend, people (likely our own students) are creating Instagram accounts with our Bobcat logo that are aimed at making fun of students. There are more than one such account. I appreciate those of you (students, parents and faculty) that have made the effort to make us aware.

As a school, our response is limited due to the anonymous nature of these accounts. However, we are making direct reports to the social media company to remove these accounts, and sharing this with police. Even more unfortunate is that some of these accounts go beyond silly or ridiculous and cross over to bullying and hate speech. These are the harmful accounts that the police are taking an active interest in and are working on identifying the exact IP addresses of the devices used by the misguided individuals that are using this format to harass, embarrass and harm others. As we are able to identify these people, not only will we provide swift and strict discipline from the campus, we are also encouraging law enforcement to bring forth any and all applicable charges against them.

In the meantime we are developing an awareness presentation for our students about positive digital citizenship and following up on any lead submitted to us.

I am asking parents to talk with their children about positive and responsible social media use and participation. I am asking students to not start such a page. If they did, I am asking them to take it down immediately. I am also asking students to not 'follow' such trash, and to report when they do see it to both the social media company as a violation of use and to campus administrators or counselors.

As a team, we can have a positive impact on this and protect our kids.

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Seniors need to order their cap and gowns as soon as possible. You have two ways to do this:

1. You can go to Texas Graduation Supplies/Herff Jones at:

9719 Santa Paula Drive, Suite 209

Fort Worth, TX 76116

2. You can call them at:


3. You can visit them online at:

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Senior Families: FAFSA/TASFA

Senior Parents: The FAFSA/TASFA forms for the 2022-2023 school year are open! These forms are extremely important as they qualify your student for financial aid, and it is now a graduation requirement from the state. It is important that you and your student work on this ASAP!

For information about the FAFSA application, you can follow this link:

For information about the TASFA application, you can follow this link:

You can contact the BMHS GO Center at (682) 719-5947 with any questions you have.

A Successful End to Middle School Basketball

This past Saturday, our middle school girls basketball team fought hard against McLean

Middle School in the city championship. Our girls ultimately lost the match, but earned runner up city champs and we are SO PROUD! Thank you to Head Coach, Syna Donart, Assistant Coach, John Carlin.

Our 8th grade middle school boys basketball team, in an upset, defeated Meadowbrook Middle School to take home the city championship trophy. Our team, led by Head Coach, Sammy Light, and Assistant Coach, Jeremy Kinder, fought hard and earned this championship!

Well done athletes and coaches! It has been a great season and we are so proud of how you have worked hard and with such commendable honor.

BMHS JROTC Goes to Raider Camp

This past weekend, our JROTC Raider team went to camp to compete in physically demanding activities against other schools. The students learned to work as a team to complete tasks and had a great time.