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November 21, 2014

A Note from Ms. Bueche

Happy Thanksgiving! I look forward to seeing everyone next week. We have finished reading the Global Read Aloud, The Fourteenth Goldfish, and will start The Lightning Thief after break. The week before winter break we will be stamping shirts to join Camp Half-Blood. It would be great if every student had an orange shirt to stamp. Thanks.

Please double check your conference time on the sign-up genius link.


If you want, you can park in the north lot and come in through the back doors. Door #6 is right by our room.

Nov. 24-25 Conferences

Nov. 26-28 Thanksgiving break

Dec. 1 Reading MAP at 11:30

Dec. 11 Math MAP at 11:45

TAC Day By: Riley

On Wednesday November 19, we had a TAC day on leaders. On this day a very exciting thing happened, Sean, Riley, Ashianna, and Melissa did the pledge in front of the whole school! Today we are learning about a husky named Balto. There is something called the Balto award, and it's for showing good behavior in school. Balto is a hero dog. He can smell 600 times better than humans. Balto lived in Nome, Alaska that was -50 degrees ! The coldest it got there. Last year the coldest it got last year was -21 degrees! Diptheria was a contagious illeness that 500 people died in that town! A man wanted to find the cure, so he went in the -50, and Balto was the leader of the huskies to pull the sled. Along the way the driver pulled the dogs on a shortcut. He went across the lake instead around the lake That shortcut saved the day! Right after that shortcut a major blizzard came and the driver couldn't see a thing! During this time 5 dogs died, but they still kept going. Balto was a hero, and so they have a statue for him.
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music by Lilly :)

In music we have been doing some stuff with The Beatles. We learned a new song by them called Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da. The song was upbeat and fun. We have also been playing recorders we have been learning new songs on them. We also discovered new notes. music is a great and fun subject. We always do a lot of fun things in music.

P.E. By:Nick and Ryder

In P.E. we are doing bowling.From this we have learned the four step approach,how to score,and how to set up the pins.We took our test on Thursday.We have not found out our test results but we soon will.We also had running day on Friday.Thank you and have a good Thanksgiving.
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Our New Top Bananas! Great Job Riley and Konrad.