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Read and Complete your College Planning Guide & Resources packet ( this was emailed to your sj23 school email and is also posted in Blackbaud on your grade-level Counseling page). Use the templates provided to help you complete the college application process (links also provided in Blackbaud):

  1. Complete and submit college applications (pay attention to each colleges requirements! Research each of your colleges Admissions page.)
  2. Add each college directly into Naviance (must do this first before counseling can upload your transcript or recommendation letters) and verify how you submitted your application (match to Common App or choose "applied directly to college" if using Apply Texas or college application).
  3. Contact teachers you want to write recommendation letters for you and provide them with your Brag Sheet. Remember, give teachers a minimum of two-three weeks so they have time to write thoughtful letter for you.
  4. Submit the Counselor Recommendation Letter template to me at: Remember to submit it as a word document that has been saved as: Letter of Recommendation Responses for Last name.First Name.Date (ex: Letter of Recommendation for Gray.Amanda.8.27.2021).
  5. Submit Transcript Release Form to counseling. This must be signed by both you and a parent before we can upload it into Naviance and must be submitted a minimum of 10 days before your deadline. (link on Blackbaud, and is also the last page of your College Planning Guide)
  6. SAT scores must be requested through your College Board account. ACT scores must be requested through your ACT account.

FAFSA opens Oct. 1st

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Navigating Financial Aid Offers

Thursday, February 25, 2021 | 7pm CT